The Massachusetts Public Records law regulates public access to government documents and records. The full text can be found at Chapter 66, s. 10 of the Massachusetts General Law, subject to exemptions, which may be found at Chapter 4, s. 7(26)of the Massachusetts General Law, and applicable law and policy. Records of the Town of Ashby are available to any member of the public making a request.
How to make a Public Records Request:
Written requests may be made by email, delivery in hand, or by surface mail to any of the Town’s Records Access Officers:
Town Clerk                                                                                         Town Administrator
895 Main Street                                                                               895 Main Street
Ashby, MA 01431                                                                             Ashby, MA 01431
978-386-2424 x10                                                                             978-386-2501 x25
Hours: Mon-Thurs  8AM-12:00PM                                            Hours: Mon-Wed 10AM-4PM
Wed. eves 5-8                                                                                                                             


Police Chief (re: Police Dept. records)                                     Fire Chief (re: Fire Dept. records)
893 Main Street                                                                            1093 Main Street
Ashby, MA 01431                                                                           Ashby, MA 01431
978-386-5652                                                                                978-386-5650                                                          

The Records Access Officer will send an acknowledgement of receipt of your request, including a good faith estimate of any fees associated with assembling and/or reproducing the requested documents.


Fees will vary with each individual request, largely dependent upon the volume and complexity of materials requested; fees potentially may include costs for a portion of the time spent inspecting, retrieving, or redacting documents, and other fees may apply for electronic storage devices, or paper copies.

Parties submitting requests are urged to make the request as specific as possible, including as much detail as may be necessary to determine exactly what document or information is being sought.