Planning Board


Meetings: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7:30 pm

Phone: 978-386-7981

Fax: 978-386-2490

895 Main St.,
Ashby, MA 01431


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James Hargraves, chairman
Alan Pease
Jean Lindquist
Wayne Stacy
Andrew Leonard
Tricia Foster, Associate member

Proposed Zoning Amendments

The Planning Board addresses issues such as the division of land, subdivision control, zoning and long term growth.

Approval Not Required (ANR)
If you wish to divide your land into two or more parcels you are probably going need us to sign an ANR plan.

Subdivision Control
If you wish to divide your land into a number of building lots but don't have enough road frontage you will probably come under Subdivision Control.

Special Permit
Application for a Spercial Permit granted by the Planning Board. Application for a hearing.

Site Plan Review
Site Plan Review is required for certain commercial develops or expansion of existing commercial facilities. Site Plan Rules and Regulations. Application for a hearing.

The Zoning Bylaw

Community Development Plan

The Zoning Act Handbook (The Yellow Book) 
Massachusetts DHCD

Municipal Planning and Subdivision Control Handbook (The Blue Book)Massachusetts DHCD

ANR Handbook (The Red Book), Part 1 
Massachusetts DHCD

ANR Handbook (The Red Book), Part 2 
Massachusetts DHCD

ANR's and Ancient Ways 
Alexandra Dawson, Highland Communities Initiative

Planning Board Records Disposal Schedule 
Secretary of the Commonwealth